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The modern workplace

Diane de Garis, Managing Director of de garis accounting Ltd and Vice President of Chamber, was asked to gives her input on building a modern workplace and supporting female talent, for the Guernsey Press’ Business Brief

Key for me, when I set up my business, was flexible working and a better balance of work and home life.  Work life balance isn’t just a mantra, it is the heart of what we want for our staff and our clients.

For small businesses the ability to adapt is often essential to success, and key to this is technology and people.

Smart technology makes our workplace more efficient, very flexible and collaborative – in normal times and in lockdown!

Offering flexible scheduling and homeworking makes our workplace more appealing and has proved a real attraction to staff.

Hiring talented people and empowering them to make contributions, has built a team with shared values, invested in our, and our clients, success.

As Richard Branson said “Clients do not come first, employees do.  Take care of the employees, and they will take care of the clients”.

This approach supports male and female talent, but we see women in particular applying for jobs with us.

Our aim is simple.  To build a positive work culture that enables productivity and engagement, with awesome tech on our side.