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Dext vs Hubdoc

Dext and Hubdoc are bill management software.

When you’re running a business, you want your admin to be as quick, easy and organised as possible, as everyone hates the mundane admin tasks that need to be done. After all, your time could be spent on more valuable things than filing invoices or rummaging through receipts so you can claim the right expenses.

Data capture software lets you streamline those tasks. You can upload your paperwork, either by taking a photo or forwarding an email attachment, and the app will do the work for you, extracting key financial information and sending it directly to your accounting software.

It then keeps a digital copy of that data, so you can recycle your receipts or bills, safe in the knowledge it’s all stored in one place.

Here at DNA we have been long term fans and partners of DEXT.  And when we first partnered with Dext, Hubdoc wasn’t an option and had not yet been acquired by Xero.

Hubdoc though, as a Xero product, is of course on our radar.  And given it is free with most versions of Xero, is not to be dismissed as an alternative.

With Dext pricing increasing we have again taken a look at the systems, to ensure we can best advise our clients on the best product for their needs and budget.

We bring you our review, to help you decide which is best for you.  We will set you up with either, and if we provide your Xero now, we may already have it set up for you – so ask us first so we can simply send you an invite.