Bank Feeds

Bank feeds let you automatically import account transactions into Xero from your bank or other financial institution. Once bank feeds are up and running, you’ll no longer need to download and import bank statements to get transactions into Xero.

You can either use Yodlee feeds or Direct Feeds.

Yodlee feeds are a type of bank feed sent to Xero by a third-party. Share your online banking login with Yodlee and your transactions will automatically import into Xero.  There is no additional charge for these feeds, but you are involving a third party, which many would rather avoid.  See here for more information

Direct feeds are available for most banks, including HSBC, NatWest, RBS and Barclays.  There is normally a charge of approx. £1 – £3 per month, which is added to your Xero subscription. We recommend, and can assist with, the set up of direct feeds.

You can find out more about your specific bank feed and find the form you will need to complete to get the feed set up via this link